Council Structure

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The Hawaii State Student Council, or better known as HSSC, consists of 42 members; they represent forty-one Hawaii public high schools and one Board of Education (BOE) student member. Each public high school is represented by one student to ensure that all the student voices of Hawaii are heard.

The Council has developed and adopted its constitution and bylaws in accordance with the Hawaii State Board of Education Policy and the Hawaii Revised Statutes.                                            

Every year, a student from every high school in Hawaii is either elected in a school wide election or is appointed by each school. These students now hold the responsibility of a Hawaii State Student Council member. A member can then run for an officer position or committee head (Described below)

The officers of the Council include the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary. The officers are assisted by the Historian and Board of Education student member. 

The council is supervised by the State Advisor.

The Chairperson: This elected council member presides over all actions done by the council

The Vice Chairperson: This elected member will act as the “Sergeant of Arms” and will assume the position of any member when necessary

The Secretary: This elected member is in charge of all meeting documentation conducted by the council

The Historian: This appointed member is appointed by the Executive Committee and will take charge of all communication between the Council and the Public

The Board of Education Student Member is a non-voting member that attends BOE meetings and solicits inputs on policy decisions from the HSSC and students throughout the state, encouraging them to express their concerns.

The State Advisor serves as the counselor of the council and is the bond between the Department of education and the HSSC. The Advisor also serves as the advisor to the planners of the Secondary Student Conference (SSC). The HSSC also works closely with the SSC Planning Committee to address youth concerns to the State Legislature, Board of Education, and other recommending bodies. The SSC Planning Committee plans an annual mock legislative experience for public and private secondary schools.

Each council member must sit on at least one committee.

There are five standing committees:

Executive Committee: Consists of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, and Historian* and oversees all disciplinary actions of the Hawaii State Student Council

Student Achievement Committee: This committee works on promoting, and or changing, the existing Board of Education educational standards to provide the students of Hawaii a quality education

Co-Curricular Concerns Committee: This committee works on maintaining the intangible school environment and promotes a student’s healthy physical and mental well-being

School Environment Committee: This committee works to promote a healthy and stable physical learning environment for Hawaii public schools

Communications: This committee is headed by the Historian and will oversee all communication between the council and public                                                                             

*A Chair of each Committee is selected by the committee members and is later approved by the Executive Committee and in addition will be a part of the Executive Committee

2015-2016 Executive Committee Members:

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