Greetings from the Hawaii State Student Council Executive Board 2016-2017!

E Komo Mai

Welcome to the website of the Hawaii State Student Council (HSSC), the official representation of Hawaii’s 185,000 public school students. The council is comprised of members spanning the several islands of the state who meet on a regular basis to discuss students concerns and action to remedy the present and future issues of education and student life.

You may be asking yourself “What is HSSC?”  Check out this video!

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/173995688″>Hawaii State Student Council Promotional Video</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user30851388″>Tiffany Frias</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

HSSC Opening Video from Hawaii State Student Council on Vimeo.

Message from the Chairperson:



I am deeply honored to be this year’s Hawaii State Student Council Chairperson. On behalf of my newly elected executive board, we would like to express our excitement for the year to come.

The Hawaii State Student Council is made up of some of the best student leaders our beautiful state has to offer. Each hard working representative hails from the many different corners of our islands and when we come together, the result is nothing less than great deliberation and cooperative effort. Along with the diligence of our advisors and SACs, I have no doubt that our council will accomplish extraordinary resolutions on the present and future issues of education and student life.

The Hawaii State Student Council’s motto is the life of the land is perpetuated by the youth. As Hawaii’s future, I know that each and every one of our Keiki are willing to carry on the spirit of our beloved land for many years to come. I humbly ask that if we all, and this includes students, teachers, and administrators, just take the time to listen to the concerns of others, together, we can make a change.

It is my biggest hope that as a council, we will continue to seek new ways to foster values of diversity, opportunity, civility, and public service not with just our student representatives, but our entire state general.

I look forward to the work ahead and ask that you join me in continuing to make HSSC the best it can be. I wish the best of luck to all of you as we begin this new school year!

Best Regards,

Jessica Valdez

Hawaii State Student Council

Chairperson 2016-2017

Engage with us

The Hawaii State Student Council is the voice of Hawaii’s 185,000 public school students. The council meets on a regular basis to discuss student issues and youth concerns, and members also address issues before the state Legislature and Hawaii State Board of Education.

HSSC gains its strength from the present network of student councils (state, districts, and schools); however, we would like to expand upon the status quo. We want to establish a network that comprises every student in the state. Hawaii students can accomplish this ambitious goal by taking part in student government and staying informed on the issues.

Our website offers students information on the council’s activities, education updates, and statewide resources. The website further facilitates our desire to hear from our peers, so give us an email–tell us what you think or join our Facebook group and subscribe to our “Tweets.” Developing this network is key to growing in our capacity to initiate change in our schools and communities.  We are the voice of the students of Hawaii.

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Feel free to submit questions, comments, and concerns!

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