Thank you for coming to Secondary Student Conference 2016: Taking Action!

Thank you so much for coming to the Secondary Student Conference (SSC) 2016: Taking Action! On behalf of the Hawai`i State Student Council, we would like to express our gratitude to the committee that made it possible lead by Ms. Danielle Castro from Mililani High School as well as the Student Activities Coordinators for helping out and chaperoning. Thank you to the panelists as well as the Representatives and Senators who took time out of their Saturday to speak to us. But most importantly thank you to the students who came to the Capitol on a Saturday to learn and be informed!
I personally hope that SSC was able to educate and empower us the youth of the legislative process. It is in hope that we were able to inform you about how things work in government because we the youth are the PRESENT and the FUTURE of this state, country, and world. One day we will be leaders of our respective communities and who knows maybe even our country or the world. But it has to start somewhere and I strongly believe that SSC was a great start to something big and worthwhile.
The message that I hope the participants got out of SSC is that WE the youth make a BIG difference and even if we are young, we are the future movers and shakers of our communities. Students think that our voice is very small, that it wont make a difference and I really hope that after this conference, they learned that no, OUR voice makes a really big difference in our community. I hope that the politicians were able to express the idea that they are listening and that they love listening to us. I hope that they learned and realize that there are people that they can go to, to express what their concerns and that actions will be taken.
If I had the chance to talk to a regular student, I would encourage them to get involved, be a part of something and seek to make a difference. I would highly encourage every student to speak their mind, help change what can be changed, and that there are many people who are willing to listen. Students are very well appreciated and that OUR VOICE makes a BIG DIFFERENCE. We are a generation of something big. We are the future and so we must exercise our rights and to get involved! Waipahu High School’s Motto is, “MY VOICE, MY CHOICE, MY FUTURE.” Our voice and the choices that we make will greatly influence our future. This is for US as individuals, this is for OUR education, this is for OUR society, and this is for OUR Hawai`i.
Please continue to be observant and be watchful of everything that is happening around us because you guys know the different members of our state and how you can reach them, please do take advantage! They are listening!
Best Regards,
Mc Erl Dave Andres
Hawaii State Student Council
Chairperson 2015-2016

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